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What are the benefits of having hardwood floors installed in yourAffordable-Cheap Harwood Flooring Dealer in Ohio home?

Installing new flooring in the home is a big endeavor and requires careful consideration and planning. Flooring changes the whole look and feel of a space and it is wisest to choose the best flooring possible. Great flooring is durable, easy to care for, and attractive. Here are reasons why installing hardwood floors can be the best choice.

Long-Lasting Beauty

Hardwood has been a staple flooring type for many centuries. It is durable, aesthetically pleasing, complements many decor styles, and lends a sense of luxury. When it is well cared for, hardwood flooring retains its charm through the life of the home and is therefore a good lifetime investment. If a plank is damaged through scuffing or staining, it is easily fixed. Unlike vinyl, carpeting and similar less-durable flooring types, hardwood can be completely refurbished usually through sanding, staining and sealing. Hardwood can also be painted, although many prefer to keep the original stain to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through.

Great for Allergy Sufferers

Hardwood floors are naturally hypoallergenic because they don’t hold on to allergens such as pet hair, pet dander, dust and pollen, unlike carpeting. Regular cleaning of hardwood keeps the floors cleaner than any carpet even when carpet is vacuumed regularly. Homes with hardwood floors have better indoor air quality than those with wall-to-wall carpeting and this is helpful for all inhabitants but especially those with allergies.

Easy Care

Hardwood floors require little maintenance and are easy to keep clean. They only need occasional sweeping and damp mopping. Manufacturers offer care instructions depending upon the finish of the wood.

Home Value

Flooring type is a major feature that home buyers consider when choosing a new home. Hardwood flooring can increase the selling point, which makes installing this flooring a way to increase home value.

Great for Children and Pets

Wood floors hold up to foot traffic and provide a safer, softer surface to play on than ceramic tile or stone. Carpeting is soft, but it holds onto pet dander and other unwelcome substances, and it is hard to keep clean when pets or children are in the home.

Investing in hardwood flooring can bring greater enjoyment of the home and is one of the most practical and fulfilling home improvements. Professional installers can lay the flooring in a timely manner, transforming any home within a day to a week, depending on the size of the project. Homeowners who choose hardwood nearly always feel they have made the right investment.